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How can a guy actually find sex tonight?

Girls love sex and guys love sex, so why can't we just all have sex? It always has to be more complex than that, doesn't it? Regardless of you view on free sex, it's always much easier to get guys than it is to get girls. Finding a woman in your area that actually wants to bang can at least be easier than before.

The trick lies in finding the right dating site. You need one that is setup for people to fuck. One where people can find no string attached sex. You might be thinking of Adult Fried Finder, Fling, or Ashley Madison? You might also he thinking I'm about to sell you on one of those sites? Well, you're in luck because I'm about to tell you how to find sex tonight for free.

I've been on a personal quest most of my life to find hotter woman than "my level." Looks wise, I'm a 7 on a good day so I'm constantly looking for an 8+. The adult dating sites will offer a lot of 10's but these girls are usually setup to get you to their webcam or porn site. Some will be phone sex operators and I've even heard of prostitutes (I have no proof, just something a friend once told me). You can register for them and have a fun time, but it's unlikely you'll find actual sex tonight.

What about the local bar?

You can meet women out but it's always a toss-up as to their real intentions. I've wasted thousands of dollars on drinks and many hours on girls I thought were a sure thing. Many times girls just want the feeling of getting hit on, naturally love attention, get too drunk, have an annoying friend, or have some other reason they can't sleep with you. The most common issue I run into is the friend. When you go out to meet single girls, they are always in groups. There is usually a chick that plays the role of police officer (and not in the fun way) to all of here friends. She is just there to cock block and she is the worst.

What to do?

Originally just to combat the cock-blocking friend, I decided I was only going to go on dates. I wasn't sure if this plan would work to get women in the sack, but I knew I had to stop wasting my time and money. I started with Match.com and went crazy. I setup 20 dates over the course of 21 days. This was going to be my trial-by-fire period. I knew there had to be a few girls in there that would be willing to keep things casual. There weren't.

So, I was thinking my plan simply didn't work. Then I started to some friends about dating and they kept talking about these free dating sites. I had heard about them and always assumed these girls would be bottom of the barrel. I gave it a shot anyways, and I'm glad I did. OKCupid has landed me more women than I ever could have imagined.

Here's the trick to finding sex tonight

1. You have to setup profiles on OKCupid and PlentyofFish. Make sure its clear and to the point with a little light hearted humor. Also, make sure to take a clean profile picture. It should show your face and you need to be smiling.

2. Post an ad in Craigslist M4W section.

3. Find an "initiation template" online to initiate contact with girls you're interested in.

4. Send out your email to every girl in a 20-mile radius that looks remotely cute.

5. Now wait for the girls to start pouring in. If you aren't very good with women in general, then I'd also recommend reading a few books about talking to women. I wrote this article to help you find loose women, but closing the deal is up to you.

The part about this method that is genius is the simplicity. Don't be too picky and treat everyone with respect. Just because a girl doesn't look like her profile, this doesn't mean she won't have hot friends. In fact, every girl I've ever known has hot friends. You simply need to be friendly and cordial, then instead of a second date, say "I think we'd make better friends, in fact I have a friend I think you'd like." Afterwards setup a group outing with your friends and hers. I've fucked more girls this way than you can imagine.